Welcome to IMEDICA Diagnostic Solutions Pvt. ltd
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Welcome to IMEDICA® Diagnostic Solutions Pvt. ltd.

Imedica Diagnostic Solutions Pvt. Ltd is now a privately held Venture corporation with its head office in Hyderabad and subsidiary offices in Delhi, Bihar and Mumbai built on a affluent history of quality, innovation and hands on experience. Imedica Diagnostic Solutions Pvt. Ltd manufactures and does marketing of medical diagnostic kits and regents for the diagnostics, prevention and control of human disease while keeping the objective of high quality, advanced and cutting edge technology to the medical fraternity at affordable prices. Read More...


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Imedica understands exactly what we want, thanks for your terrific service. I appreciate it.

I will strongly recommend to others to use & utilize your products & services.

I choose Imedica products as they provide world class medical diagnostic kits regents for the diagnostic.

I am happy to use imedica high quality product at affordable prices.