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Welcome to IMEDICA® Diagnostic Solutions Pvt. ltd.

IMEDICA DIAGNOSTIC SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD is now a privately held Venture corporation with its head office in Hyderabad and subsidiary offices in Delhi, Bihar and Mumbai built on a affluent history of quality, innovation and hands on experience. IMEDICA DIAGNOSTIC SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD manufactures and does marketing of medical diagnostic kits and regents for the diagnostics, prevention and control of human disease while keeping the objective of high quality, advanced and cutting edge technology to the medical fraternity at affordable prices.

Wide range of kits start from rapid diagnostics products for point of care (POCT), Biochemistry, urine chemistry, hematology, immunology with ELISA & CLIA based technology. Company also have strong believe in empowering laboratories to equip with state of art technology instrumentations hence in order to do so Company has its own quality tested and manufactured instrumentation in technical collaboration for Biochemistry, urine chemistry and hematology analysis.Read More...

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India is the third largest IVD market in Asia, after Japan and China and the second largest in growth, next to China. While the annual growth rate was around 10 percent a decade ago, it has increased and is currently at approximately 18 percent.

The two key drivers increasing prosperity and urbanization have contributed to India's impressive growth in IVD spending. McEvoy & Farmer's 2011 report on India's IVD market estimates the market size to be Rs. 2655 crore (USD 531 million) and growing at approximately 18 percent. IVD market in India is estimated to be around Rs. 1900 crore, of which the share of biochemistry and immunology is around 60 percent. Currently, IMDSPL has biochemistry, serology, rapids, and urine chemistry reagents and instruments catering to customer needs in the market.

IMedica has plans to participate in the immunochemistry market by introducing Elisa and chemiluminescence reagents and equipment. Besides the above, IMDSPL has introduced 3-part hematology along with reagents and urine chemistry analyzers. Since we are a customer-focused company, our major strength is our marketing field force.

We currently have 35 sales and marketing people, which will expand to more than 50 by the year end. This group is highly experienced, trained, and motivated to promote the company's products to end-users and meet their expectations and demands. Our board of directors comprises highly experienced and reputed members from the industry to provide long-term directions to the company and to keep pace with latest technologies that can be introduced in the market.


"Our  laboratory project implementation and transition was quite smooth. IMEDICA always responded well whenever there was an issue to be sorted out."

Dr. Shambhu Prasad, Mamta Hospital and Nursing home

"I've always been pleased with IMEDICA Solutions because their people are very supportive and are always willing to listen. Their call center executives also take the initiative and call us with her questions or suggestions. I also feel that IMEDICA understands our needs as a Company which stands out clearly in Orissa."

 Dr. P. Chabra, Maa Diagnostics and research center

"Superb One Year of Outstanding and Error Free Performance of IMED 811+ and 3-Part+ hematology systems. , I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for Team IMEDICA hard work and dedication. The partnership between IMEDICA and Quanto has allowed us to increase our productivity and decrease losses . I truly appreciate everything you have done to help Qanto meet our objectives of decreasing losses while also minimizing negative customer impacts and I look forward to continued success. Please pass my thanks and well wishes to the entire group."

Dr. S. Mukherjee , Paras Memorial Hospital

"Setting up and running large scale data acquisition and producing high quality output is an achievement very few suppliers seem to be able to make. Outsourcing samples can be a serious headache if it goes wrong and proud and thanks to IMEDICA quality products for making us self reliant. "

Mr. Dinesh Kumar , Vihta janch Ghar

"It's been a real pleasure working with IMEDICA products and team this year. They have made us automated, cost effective, reduced outsourcing of samples with a number of automated products and we really appreciate all the help and support they have given to us"

Arihant Hospital, Dr. S.K. Shahu

“Quite frankly we would not have made it without IMEDICA - so a hearty thanks, especially to the automation and competency"

Dr. Mamta Chowdhry , J.M.Memorial